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In Foucault’s Panopticism he tells of how some towns were changed during the plague. The magistrates took complete control of the people that lived in the town. They forced everyone to be in their home and made sure as to go around and lock all the houses from the outside so that they knew that the houses were definitely locked. They even controlled the quantity of and time at which the people ate by distributing the food to them before each meal. This way of life that the higher people in society created is what many people before them have tried to do but
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Unformatted text preview: eventually it collapsed. It resembles communism. In my understanding of the reading I feel that all this was done to help so that the plague did not keep infecting more people of the town, but that is to an extent. I believe that once they took away their free will by locking the homes from the outside is when it went too far. They could have easily left it to the towns people to stay inside during hours designated by the magistrate but power goes to people’s heads and I think that is why this took the nasty turn toward resembling communism like it did....
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