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Week 4 Blog - fight to John Wayne The only way John Wayne...

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While reading reading the selected piece of writing for today's class, I couldn't help but lose focus as i thought about how crazy of an idea it was for anyone to think that John Wayne could beat Superman in a fight. As we talked about in class today, Superman is immortal, which obviously means that he can't die. Now why anyone, no matter how young or old, would think that John Wayne, a mere cowboy, could beat The Man of Steel in a fight is beyond my level of knowledge. I realize that John Wayne was, and still is a huge figure in America to some people. I think that fact clouds young Engel's mind into thinking that Superman could actually lose in a
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Unformatted text preview: fight to John Wayne. The only way John Wayne could beat Superman is if he somehow got Kryptonite which would be quite hard to do considering John Wayne's method of transportation would most likely be horse and Superman could beat him to wherever he happened to be going. I know that Superman and the characters John Wayne portrays in movies are both fictional, but I do believe that the guys from Deadliest Warrior on Spike would agree that John Wayne would stand no chance against Superman in a fight....
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