While doing the peer review today I couldn

While doing the peer review today I couldn - this off of an...

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While doing the peer review today I couldn't help but think about my own project. The questions that we had to answer made me realize how much more I can do with my own project. This has proven to be a tough assignment. It's difficult for me because it's hard for me to start from such a blank slate when there are so many options to choose from on Weebly. The hardest part of it is the structure and organization of the site. The elements sometimes look so awkward on the page and it makes for a lot of thinking about what else could be done. I am glad that we are basing
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Unformatted text preview: this off of an essay that we wrote earlier in the semester. If we had to come up with another topic from scratch for the website i'm pretty sure I would have a much tougher time than I am already. When it's all said and done I am really excited to see how it turns out. I really downplayed the difficulty of the project so I still have much more work to do but, knowing that it's the last assignment for the semester for english it is just making me want to finish while still doing well and keeping consistent with quality of the rest of my semester's work....
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