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self eval - Donald Cooper 7 Yes I do help make the program...

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Donald Cooper 7. Yes I do help make the program an overall positive learning experience. The reason why is because I always come on time with a good attitude and I try to stay very professional. Any time I get an email about volunteering I always answer back the next day or two. Also I always come on time so that we can walk down to the MLK School together. I try to come with a nice open personality and I make sure I take a leadership role in commanding what I expect and don’t want to see from my volunteers. I treat the teachers, the volunteers, and the students with respect and I expect the same level of respect from all of my peers. This semester I have not had any problems with any volunteers and they all stay on task for the majority of the time, but if anything I did not like did happen I would definitely talk to them. I have also made sure that all of the paperwork, number of kids; evaluation forms are up to date. Right now I feel that I have performed solidly in the manager position.
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