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Oxford Inn Shelter Survey Catholic Charities By Donald Cooper February 2011 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction: This study reports information gathered through a survey conducted for Catholic Charities. The results will be included in a report to the Administrative Program Coordinator and the agency’s Board of Directors. The report will let Catholic Charities know how they are doing and what they can do to better help the part time residents at the Oxford Street Inn. Methods: The data were generated through a face-to-face survey of randomly selected participants who sleep at the Oxford Inn Shelter. From the target population of 89 individuals, a simple random sample of 78 was selected, and 45 responses were obtained.
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Unformatted text preview: The survey sample strongly represents the target population because 100% of the respondents are people who attend the Oxford Inn Shelter. F indings: Of the 45 respondents: 1. 45% were staying with a friend/partner immediately before coming to the Oxford Inn. (n=45) 2. 65% drink as often as when they were living elsewhere. (n=45) 3. 30% see themselves no longer staying at the Ox in the next month. (n=45) 4. 67% do not have family they can communicate with since staying at the Ox. (n=45) 5. 85% only have a high school/junior high school education. (n=45) 6. 22% are multiracial. (n=45) 7. 95% are single. (n=45) 8. 90% have children. (n=45)...
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