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Dear colleagues, I know we are all looking forward to this party. What a relief it will be to get away from some of the pressures we have all been under in the last few weeks with inventory and the reorganization of the downtown store. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your help and selflessness. Nevertheless, I cannot convince Mr. Dawson that all of these discrepancies are actually not false. So, I appreciate you coming into the store at 6:30, or staying later if you are scheduled to work. Mr. Dawson is quite pleased with the speed with which we completed both the reorganization and the inventory. I told him that this is by far one of the best working groups with whom I have ever been associated. So you can imagine how saddened I am to have to tell you that we will have to cancel the party for a couple of hours so we can
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Unformatted text preview: meet with Mr. Dawson to convince him that the inventory has been counted accurately. I'm pretty sure that the problem is with the professional counters he hired to go in after us and check our counts. Some of the smaller items that we know about are not immediately visible to them. Also, we know where some of the overstock is stored that they know nothing about. However, we'll still plan to celebrate our accomplishments at Johanna's by 8:30. Just to reiterate, Johanna is hosting this year's office party at her home at 622 Wyndham Avenue in the Brookshire section. If you need directions for how to get there she has created a link to a map. Donald O. Cooper B.S. Public Policy Maxwell Syracue University ‘13 [email protected]
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