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Andrew DiSpirito Professor Toomey English 111 18 October 2011 Audience Analysis The government is fully aware of the topic at hand. They realize the need for full-body scanners in U.S. airports and most encourage it. This is mainly due to the horrific event of the September 11 th attacks of the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Nay-Sayers in the government would argue that it could potentially be a breach of rights. Through the use of formal language as well as rhetorical devices such as logos I believe I could sway them otherwise. After all, they know deep down that it would be super beneficial to add these devices to airports. They are just worried they could potentially lose voters if they publically support the application of them in airports security. When deploying the use of logos as a rhetorical device I would give logical evidence such a examples to persuade the government. Two examples I would use are the Christmas bomber, and the September 11 th terrorist attacks. I could explain to them that the Christmas bomber is a perfect example as to what type of attacks this could prevent. The example of 9/11
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audience analysis - Andrew DiSpirito Professor Toomey...

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