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DiSpirito Andrew DiSpirito Professor Toomey English 111- Coach Gaines 28 September 2011 Ignore the Scoreboard: Coach Gaines’ View of What Perfection Is In the movie speech “Coach Gary Gaines: On ‘Being Prefect,’” Gaines explains to his Permian Panthers football team what it means to be perfect right before the second half of the 1988 Texas State Championship game. Gaines speaks to his players, stating “Well I want you to understand somethin’. To me, being perfect is not about that scoreboard out there” (par. 3). By using the second person “you”, as well as using the phrase “out there”, clearly implying they are in the locker room, it is evident his audience is his players (par. 3). I feel he finds it most important to talk to them directly because it is their game that is being played. Talking to the crowd may help to get the stadium fired up, talking to the other coaches may help to direct the players, but ultimately it is their game. He has to teach them, guide them, and motivate them; because it is only the players who can control the outcome. At the beginning of the speech Coach Gaines uses exigence. In his opening sentence he states in black and white, “You got two quarters and that’s it”( par. 1). By using the phrase “that’s it” he is emphasizing the point of urgency in the situation. I believe Gaines starts off his speech like this to make it clear to them that time is of the essence. I know this because it is the first thing he says to his players. He is trying to get them to realize how fast it will all be over and that they need to act now. There are two quarters, two quarters until they are crowned state champions or two quarters until disappointment.
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Coach Gaines Paper - DiSpirito Andrew DiSpirito Professor...

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