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Final speech 2 - created to stop terroristic threats to our country They aren’t designed to make people feel uncomfortable display private images

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Andrew DiSpirito Professor Toomey English 111 1 November 2011 Remediation PSA 2- Public- To add AIT to airports Voice1: As your President I realize many of you feel lost when it comes to the current debate over full-body scanners in airports. You hear that they are an invasion of privacy. You hear they could cause health problems. And you’re just not sure what to believe. (more somber now) One thing we all know is that the devastation of 9/11 was very real. It affected us all. (slowly becoming more upbeat) And one thing that we can agree on is that if we could we would have done anything (emphasis on anything) to have stopped it. That is why I want to inform you of the truth about full-body scanners. Full-body scanners or more formally known as Advanced Imaging Technology, were a measure
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Unformatted text preview: created to stop terroristic threats to our country. They aren’t designed to make people feel uncomfortable, display private images, or expose people to harmful radiation. They are here to halt any threat to our nation in the safest most effective way possible. I can assure you the images are completely confidential and never saved. And as for health risks, you are exposed to more radiation from a one minute cell phone conversations then passing through a simple 10 second scan from this machine. By promoting the installation of Advanced Imaging Technology you could help to prevent your loved ones from ever being put in danger again....
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