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Andrew DiSpirito Professor Toomey English 111 1 November 2011 Remediation PSA 3- TSA- To add AIT to airports (Music that brings about pride) Voice 1: As a TSA agent your goal is to protect the nation's transportation systems so that all people can travel safely. You took your position as employee of the Transportation Security Administration to make all modes of transportation safe. Now you all are aware of the obvious benefits of implementing full body scanners in U.S. airports. You are also aware of the public skepticism of this new technology. What you don’t realize is that the American public looks up to you and puts their trust in you.
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Unformatted text preview: Every time they use a public mode of transportation they look to you to ensure their safety. That is why the TSA and all its members must spearhead the addition of Advanced Imaging Technology in American airports. If you can put your trust in this amazing machine so will the public. And if the TSA and the public are on board the government will be too. They will feel pressured, or hopefully obligated, to fund the implementation of these devices. So if you want to ensure the safety of the American people, without the financial responsibility. Then take the first step in promoting the installation of scanners today....
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