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DiSpirito Andrew DiSpirito Professor Toomey English 111 10 November 2011 Reflection Essay In PSA 1, I worked to convince the government of why they needed to fund, support, and promote the implementation of Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) in U.S. airports in regards to the issue of the nation’s security. Using logos through the use of the examples I was able to emphasize the need for these devices in American airports. By stating “All of you are aware of the occurrence that took place on 9/11. And most of you know about the Christmas bomber scare that occurred last winter”, I made them rethink think of those horrific events so they were able realize and appreciate how greatly our airports needed these machines. I wanted to make them think we couldn’t afford not to add full body scanners to the array of precautions already in place. I adapted to my audience by asking them how they would feel if something horrible happened because they neglected to fund the addition of Advanced Imaging Technology. As if to tell them, their political careers would suffer if they didn’t support them and to say it would be their fault if something bad did happen because they chose not to enhance our security force. When taking the audience into consideration I had to factor in what type of language would be
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Reflective Essay - DiSpirito Andrew DiSpirito Professor...

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