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weakness performance - A mere character or lack thereof...

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Andrew DiSpirito Professor Toomey English 111 8 December 2011 The Curse of the Comma I sit there at my desk I slave over a paper for hours I finally finish the last sentence I skim over my work Click print Then staple the pages And stuff it in a folder and head for bed I walk to class Feeling confident, I turn in my paper But the next few days I begin to second guess myself I'm overwhelmed with an array of emotions as I wait anxiously to get it back The days finally pass I'm walking to class once again My stomach is eating away at itself because I know the moment of truth is approaching I sit in my seat biting my finger nails as the teacher makes her way towards me She hands me my paper Completely disregarding the corrections or comments made on the previous pages, I flip to the back A wave of disappointment crashes over me as I read the numbers 8 6 Quickly, I flip back to the front page Knowing deep down what mistakes I’ve already made My eyes scan over the first page only to find my premonition was right
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Unformatted text preview: A mere character, or lack thereof, ruined my paper A simple key on the key board One that has been haunting me for years It turns As to Bs in a blink of an eye Slowly sucking the life from my GPA like a fang that lies in the mouth of a sentence Yet time and time again, I completely forget about it The relief of finishing my paper blinds me from seeing this simple error The introductory phrase is written but the comma never comes It disappoints me greatly that I continue to exclude this character Making such a simple mistake over and over again But I’m not the only one who is disappointed My teachers are even more frustrated I let them down paper after paper As their pupil I have failed them Consequently making them look bad The school thinks they’re at fault Why can’t they teach this student such a simple rule? The battle continues But one day I will win the fight against the deadly comma...
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