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Arguemement Paper - Andrew DiSpirito Professor...

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Andrew DiSpirito Professor Benson/Johnston Arc 188- Topic 2 17 November 2011 Argument Paper #1 Something very new occurred in the U.S. after the world wars. This was a time of economic stability and a change in the mindset of the American people. This time, known as the Modern Movement, was a rare shift in many aspects in the American way of life; all happening at the same time. One thing I want to highlight in particular is the changes in residential architecture. During this time, there was a unique relationship between the city and what would become known as the suburbs. Because of the economic prosperity people began leaving the cities in search of their own plot of land they could call their own in areas such as Levittowns. Conversely, all planners expected an increase of the people coming into the cities. This miscalculation resulted in a very unfortunate situation. The war had ended and soldiers were coming back ready to procreate and get back to work. With this knowledge city planners felt the need to increase affordable housing in
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Arguemement Paper - Andrew DiSpirito Professor...

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