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Arguemnt Paper 2 - ARC 188 Professor Johnston/Benson...

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ARC 188 Professor Johnston/Benson December 7, 2011 Sustainability Building Practices Argument Paper # 2 As a member of the sustainable building practices sub-committee I have taken the initiative to come up with the best ways to help build a sustainable future for this great city of Cincinnati. I plan on talking about sustainable design at multiple levels specific to this committee. As a resident of the greater Cincinnati area and through expressing my opinions early on I have been appointed, like all of you in this committee, to serve on the Mayor’s special task force. My goal is to propose ideas that are central solutions to allow for sustainable building practices, as well as, explain why it is imperative that we take these initiatives. Various methods to tackling this problem include, the orientation of the building for ventilation and daylighting purposes, the materials used for the building process itself, and energy sources used and created on cite. It is my goal that we create a policy requiring all new buildings to be LEED Gold Certified. This means getting a score between 39 and 51 by developing a high performance, sustainable building that focuses on water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and
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Arguemnt Paper 2 - ARC 188 Professor Johnston/Benson...

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