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Urban World CLASSsyllabus Extra Credit

Urban World CLASSsyllabus Extra Credit - Gaurav Singh...

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Gaurav Singh Urban World Extra Credit 114006240 Professor Holcomb SPORTS AND THE CITY 01:450:### Course Overview : This course will examine the sports and athletic aspect of cities throughout the world. We will start with the history of sports in cities and look at how sports have influenced cities into the magnificent places they are today. The class will also examine the building of stadiums and athletic infrastructures around the world, as well as the decision-making process that goes on behind them. We will study the history of the Olympics and how they have evolved today, and look at how the Olympics affects cities. The course will also focus on college sports and their impact on college towns and cities. Throughout the course, we will watch scenes from movies in which the city or the people of the city have an influence on the sports teams involved. Students will also examine case studies on particular topics towards the end of the semester. We will conclude the course by talking about the future of the cities in relation to sports.
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