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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2 Chapter The Musculoskeletal System Figure 2.1 Review of the Skeletal system Skeletal FRAME OF REFERENCE FRAME ANATOMICAL POSITION? Types of Bones: Long: humerus, femur Short: carpals, tarsals Flat: sternum, ribs Irregular: vertebrae, sacrum Skeletal Changes Skeletal – Epiphysis: the part of the bone separated from Epiphysis: the main bone by a layer of cartilage: see figure the – Epiphysis do not ossify until late teens to midtwenties Table 2-1 Table Inferior rami of pubis and ischium: ages 7-8 Scapula, Lateral epicondyle, olecranon: ages 15-17 – Ultrasound contraindications? Articulations: Figure 2.3 Articulations: Structural Classification: Structural Diarthrosis: separation or articular cavity Cavity, capsule, synovial lining, synovial fluid, hyaline or Cavity, fibrocartilage covering joint surfaces fibrocartilage Carpals, elbow, AA joint, MCP, thumb, shoulder, hip Why do you need this protection at the end of each of the Why bones that form the joint? bones Synarthrosis: joint with no separation or joint cavity cavity 3 type: cartilaginous, fibrous, ligamentous none of the above jjoints between the vertebrae, skull sutures, radius/ulna, oints tibia/fibula tibia/fibula Joint Stability: Joint –Shape of bony structures: shoulder Shape vs hip vs –Ligamentous arrangements: Ligamentous vertabrae vertabrae –Muscular arrangements: shoulder –Fascia and skin: ITB –Atmospheric Pressure Factors limiting ROM? Factors Methods of measuring range of motion: – goniometry – film film – video tape video Axes of the body: – – – – Sagittal coronal transverse special plane: diagonal plane/PNF OTHER LOCATIONS OF THE BODY BODY CRANIAL VS CAUDAL SUPERIOR VS INFERIOR MEDIAL VS LATERAL DORSAL VS VENTRAL PALMAR VS DORSAL PLANTAR VS DORSAL ANTERIOR VS POSTERIOR LOCATION GAME LOCATION ...
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