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Il Postino - inspired by Beatrice and a more personal...

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Il Postino 1. Cosa sono le metafore? The postman, Mario, learns about metaphors from Don Pablo. First, he describes what they are from his poems, but then explains that you can’t teach someone how to do them-they just come. The smile that spread across Beatrice’s face like a butterfly, her laugh as a sudden silvery wave, Don Pablo’s description of a woman’s nakedness, the sad fishing nets, the sounds of the wind-all of these descriptions used metaphor. 2. Descrivi il postino… The postman was a simple man, not very educated but not illiterate. He fell in love with the idea of poetry due to Don Pablo’s enormous draw of women because of his words of love. Upon falling in love with Beatrice, he became obsessed with poetry, which he assumed could win the love of Beatrice. Evenutally, he won her with his personality and his love for poetry became less
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Unformatted text preview: inspired by Beatrice and a more personal passion. 3. Chi e’ Don Cosimo? The candidate running against the Communist party in Italy, lobbying for votes in every scene. He also took advantage of Beatrice and her aunt’s restaurant, promising job security for a year by feeding a work crew then withdrawing the men (and the business) shortly after being elected. 4. Scrivi 3 aggettivi per commentare questo film: triste (sad ) nets, when Don Pablo asked Mario to describe the nets seasick (when Mario was commenting on Don Pablo’s sea poem) starry sky over the island, in Don Pablo’s tribute white as a sack of flour, upon overhearing Beatrice’s aunt confront Don Pablo for “Mario’s dirty writings about Beatrice”...
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Il Postino - inspired by Beatrice and a more personal...

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