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JOMC 153 Virginia Daniel Profile

JOMC 153 Virginia Daniel Profile - Virginia Daniel(a.k.a...

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Virginia Daniel (a.k.a Annie) After spending a year working to prove herself at a school that fell short of her high standards, Annie Daniel transferred to UNC to pursue her dreams, or at least her boyfriend. Due to the incompetence of a guidance counselor, Daniel was wait-listed and eventually denied admission to UNC because her transcripts never reached the school. Bitter, but not defeated, she registered at her second choice, N.C. State. From the first day of class she knew she would be only a temporary member of the Wolfpack. To supplement her social life and make the transition from her rural home to urban living easier, she joined the Delta Gamma sorority. “I’m a closet sorority girl,” Daniel jokes, and the absence of Lily Pulitzer supports her description. If you look closely, though, her pink and black glasses do bear the Ray-Ban label. Unfortunately, when she finally transferred to UNC, she had to leave her Delta Gamma sisters behind, as there is not a chapter here.
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