Quiz Chapter 7 Answers

Quiz Chapter 7 Answers - HDFS2303.003 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT...

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CHAPTER 7 PHYSICAL AND COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENTIN EARLY CHILDHOOD 1) Which child is most likely to get his or her permanent teeth first? A) Brooke, an obese girl B) Malik, an undernourished boy C) Jack, a well-nourished boy of average weight D) Sasha, an undernourished girl Answer: A 2) An estimated 30 percent of U.S. preschoolers have ____________, a figure that rises to 60 percent by age 18. A) brittle bones B) tooth decay C) epiphyses D) suppressed immune systems Answer: B 3) Between ages 2 and 6, the brain increases from ______ percent of its adult weight to _____ percent. A) 25; 60 B) 45; 70 C) 60; 80 D) 70; 90 Answer: D 4) In contrast to activity in the left hemisphere, activity in the right cerebral hemisphere A) is especially active between 3 and 6 years and then levels off. B) peaks during adolescence. C) increases steadily throughout early and middle childhood. D) peaks between 1 and 3 years and then dramatically falls off. Answer: C 5) _______ may profoundly affect handedness. A) Having a left-handed parent B) Prenatal events C) Typical right-facing fetal orientation D) Myelination in the hippocampus Answer: B 6) Casey suffered damage to his cerebellum. Casey will most likely display both _______ and __________ deficits. A) emotional; problem-solving B) motor; cognitive C) cognitive; social skills D) attention; motor Answer: B 7) Worldwide, _____ percent of deaths of children under age 5 are due to infectious diseases. A) 25 B) 50 C) 70 D) 98 Answer: C 8) About _____ percent of U.S. preschoolers lack essential immunizations. A) 9 B) 18 C) 23 D) 34 Answer: C 9) Which of the following is one reason the United States lags behind Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Canada in immunizations? A) Uninsured American children do not receive free immunizations. B) Childhood diseases have been virtually eradicated in the United States, making immunization unnecessary. C) Many American children do not have access to the health care they need. D) More American parents are aware that immunizations cause autism. Answer: C 10) In the United States, __________ are the leading cause of death among children more than 1 year old. A) drowning B) motor vehicle collisions C) fires D) abuse and neglect Answer: B 11) Which of the following is true about sex differences in motor skills in early childhood? A) Boys have better balance than girls. B) Girls can jump slightly farther than boys. C) Boys can hop and skip better than girls.
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Quiz Chapter 7 Answers - HDFS2303.003 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT...

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