Quiz Chapter 9 Answers

Quiz Chapter 9 Answers - HDFS2303.003 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT...

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HDFS2303.003 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT KEY QUIZ CHAPTER 9 PHYSICAL AND COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT IN MIDDLE CHILDHOOD 1) Piaget regarded __________ as an important achievement of the concrete operational stage because it provides clear evidence of __________. A) seriation; reversibility B) classification; hypothetico-deductive reasoning C) conservation; operations D) transitive inference; class inclusion Answer: C 2) Jamal is able to think through a series of steps and then mentally return to the starting point. Therefore, Jamal is capable of A) reversibility. B) decentration. C) transitive interference. D) class inclusion. Answer: A 3) During a conservation-of-water task, Emme can focus on several aspects of the problem and relate them, rather than centering on just one aspect. Therefore, Emme is capable of A) seriation. B) class inclusion. C) reversibility. D) decentration. Answer: D 4) To test for ________, Piaget asked children to arrange sticks of different lengths from shortest to longest. A) classification B) spatial reasoning C) seriation D) decentration Answer: C 5) A concrete operational child can _________ mentally, an ability called _________________. A) conserve; seriation B) seriate; transitive inference C) classify; decentration D) reverse; class inclusion Answer: B 6) Kim Lee is able to mentally represent her neighborhood and describe it to others. Kim Lee’s representation is known as a A) class inclusion. B) large-scale route of travel. C) transitive inference. D) cognitive map. Answer: D 7) According to Piaget, one limitation of concrete operational thought is that children’s mental operations work poorly with A) everyday decision making. B) logical constructs. C) abstract ideas. D) organized thoughts. Answer: C 8) The very experience of ____________ seems to promote mastery of Piagetian tasks. A) aging B) learning to read C) going to school D) brain lateralization Answer: C 9) Individuals skilled at ___________ can prevent their minds from straying to irrelevant thoughts. A) organization B) inhibition C) metacognition D) elaboration Answer: B 10) When Mike had to learn the state capitals, he grouped the states by region to assist his memory. Which memory strategy did Mike use? A) elaboration B) organization C) rehearsal D) metacognition Answer: B 11) According to one view of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), A) all children with ADHD are hyperactive. B) environmental factors usually cause ADHD. C) girls are diagnosed with ADHD about four times as often as boys.
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Quiz Chapter 9 Answers - HDFS2303.003 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT...

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