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ASSORTED MISCELLANEOUS BACTERIA Bacteroides  live in the intestinal tract in huge numbers, and also in the mouth. They are  anaerobic and gram-negative. They may be found causing deep tissue infections in puncture  wounds and cause peritonitis following intestinal surgery or injury. They are nonmotile and do  not form endospores.  D. Fusobacteria—pleomorphic, often spindle-shaped.  Fusobacterium  species are long and  slender with pointed ends. They live in the gingival crevice in small numbers in a healthy mouth,  but numbers increase greatly in periodontal disease and then they may be involved in forming  abscesses.  E. Sphingobacteria phylum which includes chemoheterotrophs with diverse metabolic  capabilities. Members of the genus  Cytophaga  break down cellulose in the soil and are used in  sewage treatment     DOMAIN : ARCHAEA This is the group of bacteria which do not really fit in with the regular eubacteria already listed. 
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Unformatted text preview: Although many cannot be distinguished by appearance, this group has some highly unusual characteristics. The major difference first discovered is that their cell walls lack peptidoglycan. It has more recently been determined that all members of this group share many rRNA sequences which are different from those of all other living organisms. They are able to survive in extreme environmental conditions, use unusual sources of nutrition, and/or produce unusual end products of metabolism. Archaea: • May be gram-positive or gram-negative • May be cocci, rods, or spirals • Include a few species of unusual morphology • May be aerobic, facultatively anaerobic, or strictly anaerobic • Nutritional requirements vary from chemoautotrophs to photoautotrophs to chemoheterotrophs...
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