ELECTRON TRANSPORT CHAIN - oxygen as the terminal electron...

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ELECTRON TRANSPORT CHAIN In prokaryocytes carrying out aerobic cellular respiration, one glucose   38 ATPs To figure this, we need to know that: Each NADH   3 ATPs Each FADH   2 ATPs (because their electrons enter the ETC further along) GLYCOLYSIS 4 ATP produced - 2 ATP used    2 ATP 2 ATP net gain 2 NADH    6 ATP PREPARATORY STEP  2 NADH    6 ATP KREB’S CYCLE 2 GTP (equivalent to)    2 ATP 6 NADH    18 ATP 2 FADH    4 ATP 38 ATP In eukaryocytes, the total is 36 ATPs, because 2 ATPs are lost when electrons cross into the  mitochondrial membrane. (Remember, prokaryocytes do not have this membrane and use the  plasma membrane instead.) Overall:  C 6 H 12 O 6  + 6 O + 38 ADP + 38 P   6 CO + 6 H 2 O + 38 ATP ANAEROBIC CELLULAR RESPIRATION A few anaerobic bacteria have electron transport chains that use an inorganic molecule other than 
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Unformatted text preview: oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor. This may be nitrate ions (NO 3 ), sulfate ions (SO 4 2-), or carbonate ions (CO 3 2-). The amountof ATP produced in anaerobic cellular respiration varies, but is always somewhat less than aerobic cellular respiration. LIPID CATABOLISM Lipids are not a major energy source for most bacteria. However, some bacteria can produce enzymes called lipases that break down fats to glycerol plus fatty acids. These are metabolized separately, but both can eventually be put into the Krebs cycle. Some bacteria can use the same enzymes to break down petroleum products. Beginning with natural ability and increasing it by genetic engineering, these are currently being used to help clean up oil spills....
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ELECTRON TRANSPORT CHAIN - oxygen as the terminal electron...

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