FIVE CLASSES OF IMMUNOGLOBULIN1 - together by a polypeptide...

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FIVE CLASSES OF IMMUNOGLOBULINS   These are: IgG IgM IgA IgD IgE   Each class has a different role in the immune response. IgGs, IgDs, and IgEs have the Y-shaped  structure. IgMs and IgAs are usually two or more monomers joined together.    See  TABLE 17.1 P 487  for a sketch of the structures and a summary of the characteristics.      1. IgG—these antibodies account for about 80% of the antibodies circulating in blood. They  can cross the walls of blood vessels and enter tissue fluids. They can cross the placenta to give  passive immunity to the fetus. Functions: Protects against circulating bacteria and viruses Neutralizes bacterial toxins Triggers the complement system Enhances phagocytosis      2. IgM—5 - 10% of circulating antibodies. One IgM molecule consists of five monomers held 
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Unformatted text preview: together by a polypeptide called a J chain. This produces a large molecule which generally is too big to leave blood vessels. Functions: • Type involved in reactions to “wrong” ABO group blood cells • Aggregates antigens (lumps them together) • Triggers complement system • Enhances phagocytosis Overall, these antibodies are less effective than IgG antibodies, but IgMs can be produced quickly in response to a first encounter with an antigen. . IgD---only tiny amounts of this class are found in serum (0.2% of circulating antibodies). These are found in blood and lymph, and on the surface of B cells. Functions: • Act as antigen receptors on the surface of B cells • No known function in serum...
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FIVE CLASSES OF IMMUNOGLOBULIN1 - together by a polypeptide...

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