Klebsiella - Klebsiella live in soil and water as well as...

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Unformatted text preview: Klebsiella live in soil and water as well as intestinal tracts. Many can fix nitrogen. K . pneumoniae can cause severe pneumonia, usually in patients in a poor nutritional state. Serratia one species , S. marcescens, produces a reddish-orange pigment. It is a common contaminant in hospitals, frequently found on catheters and in supposedly sterile solutions. It has been know to establish itself in air ducts and cause pneumonia due to inhalation. It also may cause urinary tract infections. Proteus this genus shows a swarming growth on agarthis means it spreads all over the place. May cause urinary tract infections and infect wounds. Yersinia---Y. pestis causes bubonic plaguethe Black Death of medieval times. Rats and wild rodents may carry this organism, and it spreads to humans by way of fleas. Once infection occurs, it can pass from person to person also. This is not only a disease from way back in occurs, it can pass from person to person also....
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