Modern Developments in Microbiology

Modern Developments in Microbiology - Modern Developments...

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Modern Developments in Microbiology various branches of microbiology have developed: o bacteriology – study of bacteria o mycology – study of fungi o parasitology – study of protozoa and parasitic worms o immunology – study of how immunity reacts to various pathogens o virology – study of viruses o recombinant DNA technology – tinkering with genes and transference between species Recombinant DNA technology - Little progress in molecular genetics and molecular biology took place until we began studying  these things in one-celled organisms in the 1940’s. Then rapid progress was made.  1941---1 gene 1 enzyme 1944---DNA was identified as hereditary material 1953--- Watson and Crick discovered structure of DNA 1960’s--- more about the way DNA controls protein synthesis, discovery of  mRNA, regulation of gene function, "cracked" the genetic code 1970’s----beginning of genetic engineering
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