Nonspecific Defenses of Host

Nonspecific Defenses of Host - NONSPECIFIC SPECIFIC...

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Nonspecific Defenses of Host Since microbes are found in such large numbers in our environment and are equipped with  various means of invading and causing disease, we must be able to defend ourselves against  them. Our ability to fight disease is called resistance, and occurs in three main ways:    1. Prevent microbes from entering our body in the first place    2. Remove microbes that do get in    3. Combat the microbes that remain inside and keep them from causing serious harm   Lack of resistance is susceptibility.    Our means of resistance are of two main types:    1. Nonspecific resistance—protect against pathogens, regardless of species     2. Specific resistance—works against a particular pathogen and is a function of the immune  system.    SUMMARY OF DEFENSES NONSPECIFIC
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Unformatted text preview: NONSPECIFIC SPECIFIC (IMMUNE) FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE SECOND LINE OF DEFENSE THIRD LINE OF DEFENSE INTACT SKIN MUCOUS MEMBRANES AND THEIR SECRETIONS PHAGOCYTIC WHITE BLOOD CELLS INFLAMMATION AND FEVER ANTIMICROBIAL SUBSTANCES SPECIALIZED LYMPHOCYTES (B AND T CELLS) ANTIBODIES NONSPECIFIC RESISTANCE Our first line of defense consists of the skin and mucous membranes, and works to keep pathogens out of the body by mechanical and chemical factors. NORMAL FLORA AND NONSPECIFIC RESISTANCE Normal flora organisms may keep pathogen numbers under control by: I. Competing with them for nutrients II. Producing substances harmful to the pathogens III. Altering environmental conditions so that pathogens are inhibited All of these could be considered nonspecific resistance....
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Nonspecific Defenses of Host - NONSPECIFIC SPECIFIC...

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