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Protozoa Amoebic dysentery— Entamoeba histolytica— diarrhea & damage to intestinal wall—may be associated with produce such as lettuce Giardiasis— Giardia lamblia— prolonged diarrheal disease—often associated with drinking Tocxoplasmosis—can be contracted from undercooked meat or by inhalation & ingestion of oocysts from cat feces—damage to fetus ARTHROPOD-BORNE DISEASES Bacteria Plague— Yersinia pestis— spread by fleas that have bitten infected rodents—can also be inhaled (pneumonic plague) Rocky Mountain spotted fever— Rickettsia rickettsii —most common in southeaster US— spreaed by tick bites—fever, rash and sometimes dadmage to internal organs—can be fatal Lyme disease— Borrelia burgdorferi— spread by deer tick
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Unformatted text preview: Viruses Yellow fever—spread by bite of Aeges aegypti mosquito—chills, fever, headache, nausea vomiting, liver damage causes jaundice & sometimes death Dengue fever—transmitted by same mosquito—fever & extremely severe muscle & joint pain (breakbone fever) West Nile fever—only recently occurring in US—fever, sometimes encephalitis that can be fatal, particularly in the elderly—spread by mosquitos Protozoa Malaria— Plasmodium species—spread by bite of Anopheles mosquito—chills & fever, anemia Chagas’ disease— Trypanosoma cruzi— spread by “kissing” bugs—damage to heart muscle or nerves that supply colon or esophagus African sleeping sickness— Trypanosoma brucei gambiense— flagellates enter by bite of tsetse fly, migrate to cerebrospinal fluid—cause coma-like condition...
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