RNA AND PROTEIN SYNTHESIS - area. 2. Ribosomal RNA...

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RNA AND PROTEIN SYNTHESIS   In some ways, RNA and DNA are alike. Both have nucleotides as their building blocks, and both  are concerned with producing proteins. Here are some ways that RNA differs from DNA: RNA is always  a single strand RNA nucleotides have a slightly different sugar, ribose instead of deoxyribose (it is still a  pentose) Nitrogenous bases---3 are the same but there is also one difference---RNA has no thymine,  but has uracil instead RNA comes in 3 kinds:       1. Messenger RNA (mRNA)---this is synthesized using DNA as a template (pattern). One  strand of mRNA most often contains the instructions from one gene for making one protein. It  carries this information to a ribosome. In a eukaryotic cell, this occurs in the nucleus.  Remember, our prokaryotic bacteria do not have a separate nucleus, so it occurs in the nuclear 
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Unformatted text preview: area. 2. Ribosomal RNA (rRNA)---this type makes up the ribosomes, along with ribosomal proteins, which mostly are enzymes. The rRNA reads the mRNA to determine the sequence (order) of amino acids to be put into the protein. The ribosomal enzymes build the peptide bonds that hold the protein together. 3. Transfer RNA (tRNA)---binds to a specific amino acid (which it finds in the cytoplasm) and brings it to the ribosome. To begin the process of protein synthesis, genetic information in DNA is used as a pattern to make a complementary strand of messenger RNA. This part of the process is called transcription. The mRNA carries the instructions for making the protein to a ribosome, where amino acids will be linked together in the second step of the process, translation....
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RNA AND PROTEIN SYNTHESIS - area. 2. Ribosomal RNA...

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