The Microbial World and You

The Microbial World and You - The Microbial World and You...

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The Microbial World and You Microbes – minute living things that are too small to be seen with the unaided aid (micro – small; organism – living) bacteria, fungi (yeasts and mold), protozoa, microscopic algae, viruses Virus – noncellular entities on the border between living and nonliving Microbes are good and bad Good – bases of food chains, oxygen-generating, waste breakdown, intestine digestion, vitamin synthesis (Vitamin B and K in human gut), chemical synthesis, food processing, drug synthesis Bad – pathogenic (minority of microbes) Found almost everywhere: human skin, intestines, surfaces, marine and fresh water, deserts, forests, mountain tops, artic circles, deep mines, deep water vents, sulfuric pits Naming and Classifying Microorganisms Binomial Nomenclature (bi-two, nom-name clature-process) – method by which we name microbes, developed by Carolus (Carl) Linnaeus in 1735 Latinized because Latin is traditionally used by scholars
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