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Viruses Colds—mostly coronaviruses & rhinoviruses Influenza—respiratory symptoms, fever, aches Chicken pox—varicella-zoster, a herpes virus—vesicles on skin with itching but not pain— may recur later in life after lying dormant in nerve cells and is then called shingles—in this case vesicles occur but also severe pain in affected area German measles (rubella)—similar to measles but much milder disease—big danger is damage to fetus during pregnancy Smallpox—variola virus—severe purulent lesions on skin but death due to damage to internal organs—has been eliminated as naturally occurring disease but concern over possibility of use in
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Unformatted text preview: germ warfare Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome—severe pneumonia with fluid collecting in lungs— inhalation from droppings of infected rodents Viral pneumonia—respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is most frequent cause Fungi Histoplasmosis— Histoplasma capsulatum— inhalation of spores, begins in lungs but may spread to almost any internal organ—often associated with bird droppings Blastomycosis— Blastomyces dermatidis— inhalation & lung involvement but may also cause skin lesions with abscesses & tissue destruction Coccidiodomycosis— Coccidiodes immitis— begins with lungs but may spread to other organs Cryptococcosis—begins in lungs due to inhalation of spores—may spread to other internal organs including brain...
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