DAMAGE TO HOST - amounts of exotoxin toxin Exotoxins are...

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DAMAGE TO HOST The damage to a host could be: 1. Direct Damage by enzymes or toxins at the infection site. 2. Systemic damage due to toxins 3. Induction of the immune system toward hypersensitivity reactions. TOXINS: Exotoxins: Are produced inside a cell and released to the outside. Some of the most poisonous substances know to man are exotoxins. For Example: 1 nanogram (10 -9 )g of botulism toxin will kill a guinea pig. Tetanus toxin produced in very small amounts in a puncture wound will kill an adult. Organisms that produce potent exotoxins need not be invasive to produce illness. The illness comes from small
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Unformatted text preview: amounts of exotoxin toxin. Exotoxins are generally produced by gram positive organisms. Endotoxins: Endotoxins are less toxic than exotoxins, generally, and are released during lysis and death of gram negative organisms. They can produce fever, shock, and blood clots. Exotoxin Endotoxin Gram positive organisms Gram negative organisms Some Cytotoxins Pyrogenic (Fever Producing) Some Neurotoxins Enterotoxins Some Enterotoxins Clot Blood and Cause Fever Extremely Toxic Not as Toxic but may cause lethal shock Antitoxin can be produced No antitoxins Proteins Lipid from LPS of Gram Neg Cell Wall...
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DAMAGE TO HOST - amounts of exotoxin toxin Exotoxins are...

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