Enzyme attributes

Enzyme attributes - amount of enzyme needed to do reactions 6 Can be interfered with Example Penicillin combines with an enzyme which is needed to

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Enzyme attributes: 1. Large protein molecules at approx 40,000 amu, Glucose substrate about 180 amu. ;2. Denatured by heat--cooked potato vs. raw potato. Catalyst versus enzyme. 3. Lowers Activation energy by substrate binding at special place on the enzyme called the "Active Site"! There are other important sites on the enzyme but the active site is most important for catalysis. 4. Cofactors which bind and release from the Active site are often required (not always). ..Vitamins and minerals act as cofactors. B vitamins often needed for energy reactions. 5 Efficient and able to process thousands of substrates per second. So only a small
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Unformatted text preview: amount of enzyme needed to do reactions. 6. Can be interfered with. Example: Penicillin combines with an enzyme which is needed to put peptide cross links in cell wall material (Why is penicillin more active against gram positives?) 7. Delicate in that environmental conditions for use are narrow---pH, Temperature, Osmotic pressure, concentrations of substrates must be withing proper limits. Extremes can denature and kill cells. FACTORS THE AFFECT THE ACTIVITY OF ENZYMES : 1. TEMPERATURE 2. PH 3. CONCENTRATION OF SUBSTRATE 4. CONCENTRATION OF ENZYME GRAPH THE AFOREMENTIONED VARIABLES AGAINST REACTION RATE. ....
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