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ENZYME INHIBITION - Activation Energy link control Positive...

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ENZYME INHIBITION: 1. Competitive Inhibition. Show succinic to fumaric acid and malonic acid inhibitor. Succinic Acid Ž Fumaric Acid Malonic Acid Inhibits the above reaction. 2. Show structure of folic acid and PABA: All inhibitors act at the active site. The inhibition is reversible by adding more substrate. New drugs are made which retain the properties of the inhibitor but which have new properties, like remaining in the urine longer etcetera.
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When an inhibitor "looks like" the substrate of an enzyme it can inhibit it either reversibly or irreversibly. In irreversible inhibition the contact usually occurs in a place by covalent bonding and not just by stearic reactions. Feedback Inhibition, Allosteric Inhibition, Endproduct Inhibition. Precursor Activation, Energy link control. Positive and Negative Feedback. All involve ligands
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Unformatted text preview: Activation, Energy link control. Positive and Negative Feedback. All involve ligands and receptor. INHIBITION AT THE LEVEL OF THE GENE. FIRST DISCOVERED WAS THE LACTOSE ARRAY OF GENES THAT E.COLI HAS. CALLED THE LAC OPERON--JACOB AND MONOD WORKED OUT THE MODEL : Wavy line made at R is repressor protein from R = repressor gene. I is the Incucer gene and a, b, c, and d are structural genes (make enzymes for lactose fermentation. Inducer can bind with repressor protein and "shut off". I----a------------b--------------c--------------d-----------R------------> /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Structural genes for lactose metabolism & repressor (protein always on)(constitutive enzyme) Another graphic with a promoter gene, which must be activated to turn system on:...
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