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History of Microbiology: Francesco Redi, in the 1700's did a simple experiment to show flies needed parents. Used cheesecloth screening and meat. Spallanzani, a monk, in the first part of the 18 th Century boiled and sealed broths. When he was careful no microbes developed. His work was criticized by Needham, a Welchman of the Royal Society in that other factors, excluded by Spallanzani, were needed for Sp. Gen. Notably air. Needham performed similar experiments, sloppily executed, in which microbes grew from contamination. Spallanzani died before he could clearly disprove Needham. Louis Pasteur, a noted chemist, took up the challance and utilized broths allowing air but disallowing microbes. Grew broths at different altitudes and in a dusty cellar. Used broths with cotton to show the germs accumulated on cotton. Did the Swan neck tube experiment. Ignaz Semmelweis, an eastern european physician working in a Vienna Hospital,
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Unformatted text preview: noticed the wards where delivery occurred by midwives had 10X less Puerperal Fever and deaths than those tended to by doctors. He showed he could dramatically decrease "Childbed Fever" by having doctors wash hands in chlorine water after dissection of cadavers and between patients. Was fired for blaming deaths on doctors who didn't wash hands. Oliver Wendel Holmes wrote on the Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever". Author, Physician, and Anatomy Professor. Late 19 th Century. Lister used antiseptics on wounds and during surgery. He showed they healed much faster with the antiseptic treatment. Was also the first to isolate a pure culture by serial dilution: Bacterium lactis. Pasteur wanted to isolate a bacterium in pure culture that caused disease. Began working with Anthrax...
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