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History of Microbiology: Robert Koch in Germany did too. He worked with various preparations to provide solid culture media. A woman working in his lab tried agar, recommended by a cook who used it to solidify puddings because it stayed solid at warm temps. Koch was using sterile potato slices for media. Koch isolated anthrax and formulated his Postulates. Pasteur went to work on chicken cholera and discovered one could attenuate cultures and produce artifical vaccines. Pasteur solved the riddle of rancid wines in France's vinyards. Recommended sterile technique and Pasteurization (applied to milk and became a central method for controling TB, Diptheria, and other diseases). Weinogradski and others showed soil bacteria recycle nutrients. Chamberland developed a bacterial filter. Resulted in: a. discovery of viruses b. discovery of toxins
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Unformatted text preview: Pasteur produced attenuated rabies virus and rabies vaccination procedure. Tried it on Joseph Meister. It worked. During the 20 th Century we have: 1. Development of viral culture techniques and attenuation 2. Development of the electron microscope. 3. Discovery of antibiotics (Fleming and Dubos) 4. Discovery of Prions (Pruissner) 5. Bioengineering--removal and replication of genes--incorporating them into microbes and switching them on. 6. DNA vaccines 7. Antiviral Compounds--ribivirin, protease inhibitors. 8. Translation of the entire genome of some microorganisms e.g. yeast. All not rosy---reemergence of infectious diseases a constant problem. St Louis Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, AIDS, Hanta virus Sin Nombre, Ebola outbreaks, E. coli, Antibiotic resistant bacterial strains and so on....
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