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PRESENTATION STRATEGY: (TEST NEXT WEEK) II. Emphasize the power of stearic and electrostatic interaction---also hydrogen bonding. But the engine of all these is steric interaction. Shape is of extreme importance in understanding microbiology, disease, drug efficacy and so on. a. Review shape and overview of carbohydrates ( use transparancies) b. Review and focus in on the properties of lipids and their importance in formation of cell membranes. 1. Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic 2. Tendency to form double layers eg. Agitation. 3. Let water pass through unopposed. Let fats dissolve into them. Lets fat solubles dissolve into them. So steroids eg. Hopanoids are present in cell wall---where did all the oil come from that exist in large lakes under Saudi Arabia? Answer= Cell membranes. (alternate theory geologic hydrocarbon processed by Archaebacteria deep beneath the earth). 4. Bacterial Cells which have more lipid in the cell wall are more susceptible to lipid destroying agents-like soap. 5. In a water environment the perfect barrier is lipid. (Why?)
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