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Some terminology: Nosocomial Infections: Those aquired in the hospital---it is estimated that from 20,000 to 80,000 infections are aquired in the hospital. Many resistant to antibiotics. The hospital is a sea of organisms in a reservois of immuno- compromised people full of a variety of antibiotics. Zoonotic infections (Zoonoses): Infections passed from animals to man. Some of these are extremely virulent: Hanta virus pulmonary syndrome, Lyme disease, Influenza etc. In many cases the organism is much less toxic to the animal eg Hanta. Incubation Period: The length of time between penetration of the pathogen and first symptoms or signs. For example, polio virus has an incubation period of from 5 days to two weeks. Prodrome: After infection but before full blown illness we have vague feelings of "something coming on". Symproms are mild and may include achiness, stuffiness, mild headache and so on. Period of Illness: The host experiences all the symptoms and signs of the disease.
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