Internet helps families stay more in touch

Internet helps families stay more in touch - 1st year...

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Unformatted text preview: 1st year English course Miss Takoua Becha Internet helps families stay more in touch: Much has been said about how anti-social the Internet and mobile phones are. The truth is however, according to new research, communication technology is bringing people closer together. A study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found family members were keeping in regular contact today more than ever before. And this is all down to e-mail, chat, our cellphones and SMS messaging. It makes sense. Years ago, it took a long time to write a letter, then find an envelope and go to the post office to buy a stamp and post it. Today we write mails while we wait for our turn in a shop and theyre sent in an instant. Having free Internet telephone calls also helps us to stay in touch more often and for longer. Everyones at it, from five-year-olds to tech-savvy* grandparents. According to the Pew survey, technology has a very positive effect on communication within families. Researchers asked 2,252 adults whether new technologies had increased the quality of communication within their families. Fifty-three percent said it increased communication with family members they did not live with; two per cent said technology decreased this. Numbers were similar for those living in the same house as their families. The project director Lee Rainey said: "There's a new kind of connectedness being built inside families with these technologies. Survey co-author Barry Wellman agreed: "It used to be [that] husbands went off to work, wives went off to a different job or else stayed homeand the kids went off to schooland not until 5:30, 6 o'clock did they ever connect," he said. *Tech -savvy=well-informed about technology. 1. TRUE / FALSE: Say whether these sentences are true (T) or false (F) with evidence from the text: a. Communication technology is reuniting people separated at birth....
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Internet helps families stay more in touch - 1st year...

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