Management - Management Reading: , , It is logical to...

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Unformatted text preview: Management Reading: , , It is logical to suppose that things like good labor relations good working conditions , . good wages and benefits and job security motivate workers But in ‘ Work and the ’ Nature of Man , ‘ ’, - , Frederick Herzberg a well known theorist of the psychology of work . argued that such conditions do not motivate workers They ‘ ’ are merely satisfiers or ‘ ’ . ‘ ’, , dissatisfiers where they do not exist Motivators on the contrary include things , , such as having a challenging and interesting job recognition and responsibility , . promotion and so on , , However even with the development of computers and robotics there are and , , always will be plenty of boring mindless repetitive and mechanical jobs in all three , . sectors of the economy and lots of unskilled people who have to do them So how do managers motivate people in such jobs ? One solution is to give them , . , some responsibilities not as individuals but as part of a team For example some , , supermarkets combine office staff the people who fill the shelves and the people who work on the checkout tills into a team and let them decide what product lines , , . to stock how to display them and so on Other employers ensure that people in repetitive jobs change them , every couple of hours as doing four repetitive jobs a . day is better than doing only one Many people now talk about the importance of a ’ , . company s shared values or corporate culture with which all the staff can identify Comprehension Check : :...
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Management - Management Reading: , , It is logical to...

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