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Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts Academic year: 2010/2011 Miss Takoua Becha First year grps: 3,4,5,6,8 PLANNING A PICTURE Before attempting to draw and paint a picture you must plan it. I believe anything is worth painting is worth planning and drawing well. Before you start drawing, study the model from many angles and under different lighting conditions. There are good and better views of each subject. Use the position that portrays the character most and never start your drawing until you know as much as possible of your subject. The light should come from one side only and almost above in most cases. The stronger light will lessen the shadows. When copying from a live model, it is easier when the model is directly in the front and at board level. This way you can compare your model with your drawing and avoid moving your head and body. First you must start by learning to copy and to put onto a flat surface with the hand what the eyes see.
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