the pace - THE PACE OF LIFE How Well Do You Use Your Time?...

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Unformatted text preview: THE PACE OF LIFE How Well Do You Use Your Time? Do the quiz about your pace of life. Circle a, b, c or d. turn to page 4 and find out what kind of person you are. Do you agree? 1. How would you describe the pace of your life? a. Easy-going. I just take as it comes. b. Quite fast, but I leave enough time for relaxation. c. At times frantic, at times relaxed. d. Non-top the whole time but I like it that way. 2. How do you tackle all the things you have to do each day? a. I do those things I fell like doing. b. I prioritize. I do the important things and put off the rest. c. There’s either not enough time to do everything or too much time with nothing to do, I find this difficult. d. I have a daily ‘to do’ list that I tick off after each item is completed. 3. How many things have you begun and not finished in the last few years? a. Plenty of things. I begun with a great deal of enthusiasm but then get bored. b. Hardly any, just one or two minor things. c. Several things. Sometimes I get distracted and move from one thing to another. d. None. There are no uncompleted projects in my life. I see each of my projects through before I start the next. 4. When do you switch off your mobile phones? a. Do most people have mobile phones these days? I haven’t got round to buying one yet. b. In some public places and when I need some peace and quiet. c. Not as often as I should. d. Only I have to. 5. What is your attitude to punctuality? a.a. I don’t waste time worrying about it. a.b. Being late is impolite and inefficient so I try to be punctual. a.c. I like to on time in theory but in practice I’m often late. a.d. I’m always on time. I have no patience with people who are late. 6. How do you spend your leisure time? a.a. Doing a bit of this and that. I don’t know where time goes. a.b. I recharge my batteries with a few hobbies and being with friends. a.c. I keep trying different things that people suggest, but nothing really grabs me. a.d. I have few hobbies and little time. I try to put the whole of my life to good use....
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the pace - THE PACE OF LIFE How Well Do You Use Your Time?...

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