The significance of science

The significance of science - Read the following text...

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Unformatted text preview: Read the following text carefully then do the exercises below. T HE S IGNIFICANCE OF S CIENCE IN S OCIETY 1. Science plays a major role in society. However, even non-scientists can appreciate scientific progress. Because of science, human understanding of the past, present, and future is constantly in a state of change. For instance, decades ago the notion of landing a spacecraft on the moon would have seemed an impossible achievement. Today it is a mark of scientific progress. Because scientific inquiry never ceases to exist, events once dismissed as material for science fiction, such as landing on Mars, now seem inevitable. 2. Science technology can be found in nearly all aspects of everyday life. For instance, if electricity had never been discovered, electric appliances, heaters, lights, and television would not exist. Electronic components found in radios, televisions, watches, and calculators are now smaller and more reliable than before. Advances in electronics are responsible for what is called the computer age. Because of computer technology, information can be processed in seconds. 3. At one time, computers were extremely expensive. They were rarely found outside of laboratories and large businesses. Since they are now more economically made, computers can be found in many homes, schools, stores, and libraries. Computers facilitate travel plans by providing travel agents with easy access to flight schedules, prices, and seating availability. Businesses use computers to track inventory, purchase and sell stocks, calculate payrolls, and perform many other functions....
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The significance of science - Read the following text...

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