Types of Errors in programming

Types of Errors in programming - Private University of...

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Unformatted text preview: Private University of Technology Miss Takoua Becha Academic Year: 2010 / 2011 Reading : Types of errors . . , affect the computer or its peripherals For example you . might have written a program which needs access to a printer If there is no , printer present when run the program the computer will produce a system error . message Sometimes a system error makes the computer stop working altogether . and you ll have to restart the computer A sensible way of avoiding system errors is to write code to check that peripherals are present before any data is sent to . it .. are mistakes in the programming language like typing . . PRNIT instead of PRINT These errors cause the program to fail Some translator . programs won t accept any line that has syntax errors Some only report a syntax . error when they run the program Some languages also contain special commands such as , debug . which will report structural errors in a program The programming manual for the particular language you re using will give details of what each . error message means .. . are much more difficult to detect than syntax errors This , . is because a program containing logic errors will run but it won t work properly...
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Types of Errors in programming - Private University of...

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