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UCLA Department of Electrical Engineering EEM16 Homework 2 Due October 16 th , 2008 1. Show the arrangement of transistors needed to construct: a. A 3-input NAND gate b. A 3-input NOR gate c. A gate whose output is the inverted value of A OR (B AND C) d. A gate whose output is an inverted value of (A OR B) AND C 2. 7-Seqment Decoder You are designing a combinational system for displaying binary coded decimal
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Unformatted text preview: (BCD) digits. a. Write down the truth table for z b = F(x b ) b. Write the switching expressions for z b in a sum-of-product form. c. Use Boolean algebra to minimize switching expressions. d. Draw a gate level implementation of the control signal decoder. 3. Exercise 3.2 4. Exercise 3.4 5. Exercise 3.8 6. Exercise 3.9 BCD coder control signal decoder x b F b z b x is {0,1,2 ,9}...
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