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EEM16 – Fall 2008 - DISCUSSION #3 Problem 1: Network of gates a) Is the gate , where A B = A.B’ universal? You may use constants 0 and 1 if needed. Prove your answer. b) Write the truth table for the following circuit: c) Write a switching expression for the circuit in part (a). d) Draw an equivalent circuit for the circuit in part (a) using fewer NAND gates (and no gates of any other type). The NAND gates may have any number of inputs. e) Show that the following circuit is combinational even though the circuit has a physical loop. f) A logic family uses the following ranges of voltages to represent high and low values: HIGH = 2.2 V to 3 V, and LOW = 0.0 V to 0.8 V. Consider a circuit with two inputs x and y, and an output z, and whose behavior for
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M16_2_Fall2008_Discussion_3 - EEM16Fall2008DISCUSSION#3...

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