project4 - Spring 2009 CS 32 Programming Assignment 4...

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Spring 2009 CS 32 Programming Assignment 4 Anagrams Time due: 9:00 PM Thursday, June 4 An anagram of a collection of letters is a word that is a rearrangement of all the letters in that collection. For example, anagrams of "idte" are "diet", "edit", and "tide". An anagram of "importunate" is "permutation". An anagram of "excitation" is "intoxicate". Here is the interface for a class that stores words and lets you find anagrams: class Dictionary { public: Dictionary(); ~Dictionary(); void insert(const std::string& word); void callback(const std::string&)) const; }; As you would expect, the constructor creates an empty dictionary, and the insert function adds a word to the dictionary. The lookup function takes a string and a callback function, and for every word in the dictionary that is an anagram of the letters in the string, it calls the callback function with that word as an argument. (This should be clearer when you examine the code we provide.) We have written a correct but horridly inefficient Dictionary implementation . Your assignment is to write a more efficient correct implementation. If you wish, you can do this by starting with our implementation, and changing the data structures and algorithms that implement the class and its member functions. You may add, change, or delete classes or functions if you want to. Correctness will count for 40% of your score, although if you turn in a correct implementation that is no faster than the horribly inefficient one we gave you, you will get zero correctness points (since you could just as well have turned in that same horribly inefficient program). Of course, we have to give you some assumptions about the way clients will use Dictionary so that you know what needs to be faster. The client may call insert tens of thousands of times. The collection of letters for which we want to find all the anagrams is
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project4 - Spring 2009 CS 32 Programming Assignment 4...

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