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2_1_EE2_Course_Outline - Outline of the course on Physics...

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Outline of the course on Physics of Semiconductor Devices Part I (C. R. Viswanathan) Fundamentals of Solid State Physics: Early atomic theory; advent of quantum mechanics; electrons in a box; quantization of momentum and energy; atomic bonding and crystal structure; Miller Indices; Distribution of states in momentum and energy; Fermi-Dirac statistics; Distribution of electrons in energy as a function of temperature; Band Theory of Solids: Conductors, Insulators and semiconductors; Concept of holes; Intrinsic semiconductors: conduction band and valence band; distribution of electrons in conduction band and distribution of holes in valence band; Law of Mass Action; Position of Fermi level in intrinsic semiconductors. Extrinsic semiconductors: donor and acceptor impurities; majority and minority carriers; n-type and p-type semiconductors; carrier densities and position of Fermi energy in the bandgap; Electric Current in Semiconductors: carrier mobility and electrical conductivity; impurity
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