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Asexuality in video games

Asexuality in video games - Asexuality in video games...

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Asexuality in video games Psycho Mantis , who expresses a general disdain of sexuality. And, being a mind reader, is somewhat disgusted to find how often people think of it. Played with and Flanderized in The Last Days of Foxhound , where Mantis is not only disgusted by sexuality, but females as a whole (going so far as to vigorously scrub any area a woman touches with a special soap). He also calls certain women (like Sniper Wolf) "Slutbucket". o Invoked with Meryl. When Snake is hitting on her, she claims that she's had psychological conditioning to suppress romantic feelings and sexuality. Either she was lying to get him to back off or they didn't do a very good job , considering she hooks up with him in the end. Ryu from Street Fighter . He is completely and 100% dedicated to fighting. This is something that Sakura simply doesn't ever get. o That depends on which incarnation/adaptation of Street Fighter we're talking about. Some have had him actively romantically involved with women, or at least showing signs of sexual/romantic attraction to them. Though in many cases it then trades asexuality for No Social Skills .
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