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Asexuality Penny: I have to ask: what's Sheldon's deal? Is it girls. ..? Guys. ..? Sock puppets ...? Leonard: Honestly, we've been operating under the assumption that he has no deal. Penny: Come on, everyone has a deal. Howard: Not Sheldon. The Big Bang Theory In most fiction you encounter tropes involving sexuality. You run into occasions such as Everyone is Gay , No Bisexuals , Everyone is Bi , Anything That Moves , or even Extreme Omnisexual . You hear Silly Love Songs about Intercourse with You , and see Love Dodecahedrons , Kiss Kiss Slapping , Slap Slap Kissing , and oodles of Shipping . What you don't seem to see are many characters who are of an age or situation to get sexually attracted - but aren't. You don't see many characters who aren't particularly interested in having sex or involving themselves in a relationship with anyone. It is difficult to showcase a lack of something, so it is understandable that this orientation is often ignored, especially in works with No Hugging, No Kissing
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