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Motivatio4 - Motivation The Role of Testosterone Sexual...

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Motivation The Role of Testosterone Sexual drive is related to testosterone level in both men and women, but the relationship is a complex one. Sexual activity increases testosterone levels, and testosterone levels increase sex drive. Psychological Factors in Sexual Motivation Hormones alone cannot cause sexual arousal. Psychological factors are also highly influential. Erotic stimuli: Both men and women can become sexually aroused by external and internal erotic stimuli. External erotic stimuli include sexually exciting material that is read, heard, or seen. Internal erotic stimuli include thoughts, fantasies, and memories of past sexual experiences. What is considered erotic varies according to the individual, historical period, and cultural context. Desires: People have an infinite number of desires that influence the motivation for sex, including to procreate, to express love, to have physical enjoyment, to cope with difficult situations and emotions, to validate one’s desirability, and to do what peers do.
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